A simple set of wrappers around gitpython for creating pandas dataframes out of git data. The project is centered around two primary objects:

  • Repository
  • ProjectDirectory

A Repository object contains a single git repo, and is used to interact with it. A ProjectDirectory references a directory in your filesystem which may have in it multiple git repositories. The subdirectories are all walked to find any child repos, and any analysis is aggregated up from all of those into a single output (pandas dataframe).


To install use:

pip install git-pandas


We are looking for contributors, so if you are interested, please review our contributor guidelines in, which includes some proposed starter issues, or if you have an idea of your own, send us a pull request.


This is BSD licensed (see

Detailed Documentation

Currently, the two main sources of documentation are the repository and project pages, which have the Sphinx docs from those two classes, as well as instructions on how to create the objects. For detailed examples, check out the use-cases page.


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